Laurella Desborough's Eclectus Center

Young Eclectus

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Let me give you a taste of these goodies! Young birds eating together.

Young Solomon boy on feeding perch.

Three babies on top of a brooder...time to explore.

Young Red sided male starting to molt on head.

Young eclectus on 2x2 white wood perch. This is a soft wood that is chewable for eclectus. Available at lumber stores: 2x2 fir or pine.

Young Grand female acting out.

Ready to play with some new toys.

Grand eclectus girl ready for dinner formula.

Baby boys ready for breakfast formula.

Young birds find a perch.

Young birds sharing toys in a weaning cage.

Baby boy Grand eclectus stretching his wings.

Baby Vosmaeri girl climbing out of her brooder.

Baby boy ready to be fed after being weighed.

Babies: Solomon girl awake and Vosmaeri girl napping.

Youngsters playing with a plastic cup.

Baby Solomon girls playing with a toy.

Young Solomon girl on the hand.